About the Animators

Christopher Gearhart
(Bricks Brought to Life)

Roles: Director, VFX Artist, Compositor

As a long-time animator on YouTube, Chris directed the Rogue One project and tackled a majority of the post-production work. Drop by his channel for more cool LEGO action and comedy shorts!

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Kevin Ulrich
(Brotherhood Workshop)

Role: Lead Animator

Kevin has made Lego animation his full-time job, and is a well-known animator on YouTube. We're honored to have him on our team! Check out his channel for hilarious and awesome LEGO videos.

Website | YouTube | Facebook

Spencer Katz

Role: Lead Animator

Spencer Katz often tackles the most impressive large-scale shots for our films. He is a talented animator and set designer; head over to his channel for awesome, massive-scale stop motion videos!

YouTube | Google+

Kris Theorin

Role: CGI Artist

Kris Theorin is a long-time Lego animator and VFX artist, and a decorated member of Tongal for Creatives. Check out his channel for fast-paced, apocalyptic, and eccentric Lego animations!

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Sean Willets

Role: Animator

Sean Willets animated three epic shots for the Rogue One trailer, including the imperial chase scene at (1:10). Head over to his channel for hilarious comedy and incredible stop motion animations.

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Zach Macias
(Mindgame Studios)

Role: Animator

Zach Macias contributed two sweet shots for the Rogue One trailer (0:38 and 1:26) and three for Guardians (0:11, 0:24 and 1:26). Check out his channel for professional Lego shorts you won’t forget.

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James Morr
(Spastik Chuwawa)

Roles: Director, Animator

James took the lead for the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer project, and animated the ominous Bacta Tank shot in the Rogue One trailer. Check out his channel for more fun LEGO animations!

YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

Tommy Williamson

Roles: Animator, VFX Artist

Tommy did most of the impressive VFX work for the Guardians project, along with the bacta tank shot from Rogue One trailer. Stop by his channel for LiveBuilds, reviews, animation and much more.

Website | YouTube | Google+

Forrest Whaley

Role: Animator

Forrest animated the foreground plate for the Grand Admiral’s approach to the battlefield in the Rogue One trailer. Check out his channel for epic LEGO shorts, including the popular Lego Batman series!

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